A Savvy CEO’s Blueprint for Building a Recession-Proof Financial Model

Hosted by: Alyona Mysko, founder of Fuelfinance. Experienced with over 10 years in finance, she has developed 200+ financial models and is a renowned keynote speaker and startup mentor.

Course Overview:

In today’s fluctuating economy, startups need to be more agile and financially savvy than ever. This workshop offers an in-depth look into fine-tuning startup financial models to thrive in the current economic landscape.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Three basic recession scenarios and adapting your business model to each
  • Cost-cutting done right: how to trim your budget without significant sacrifices.
  • Key metrics for startups and their role in daily decision-making.
  • How to become the best CFO for your own startup?
  • Four common Сash Flow mistakes that could cost months of runtime.
  • Financial model examples for diverse business models.
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons