• 1 Lesson

    Silicon Valley Bank: Growing Your Startup with Expert Calls

    We teamed up with our partners at Tegus to host this webinar to discuss how calls with industry experts can help startups scale. The conversation specifically focused on:
    • Refining product-market fit through expert interviews
    • Understanding your ideal customer profile, their needs, and their pain points
    • Building a smart go-to-market strategy – Understanding (and succeeding within) the competitive landscape
    • Gathering compelling soundbites you can use in your investor pitch deck
  • 1 Lesson

    Silicon Valley Bank: The Metrics that Matter in the Evolution of Hardware

    Silicon Valley Bank teams up with Eclipse Ventures to host a conversation about the metrics that matter in the evolution of hardware sales. Our panel of full-stack industry experts and founders discussed the KPIs and themes that are driving industry leading hardware companies forward.
  • 1 Lesson

    Velocity Growth: 5 Key Focus Areas to Drive Startup Growth

    This video from Velocity Growth Co-Founder & CEO Craig Zingerline will give you a whirlwind tour of the main components that will drive growth for you and your start-up! You will get a high-level overview of Product Roadmapping, the key components of a growth model, common growth metrics, activation optimizations & retention metrics. In this session, you will discover the 5 key areas to focus on to drive sustained growth for your business.
  • 7 Lessons

    Velocity Growth: Mastering Growth

    The Velocity Growth Mastering Growth program will take you through how to get your start-up growing. With an NPS of 82, over 250 founders have graduated from this program with the skills and capabilities to drive their start-up to continued success. Use our Mastering Growth course as your roadmap to startup growth. There are 5 modules: 
    • Growth & Financial Modeling
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Activation
    • Retention
    • Experiments, A/B Testing & Growth Process
    And you will also get info on: 
    • How to acquire your first users and get your brand out there.
    • Basics on SEM, SEO and paid advertising and any other channels you need to grow your acquisition strategy.
    • How to build traction and revenue through activating and retaining your users.
    • Growth and financial modeling for tracking your own goals as well as sharing with prospective investors.